New Song Called “You’re Worth It” Reminds Us That We’re More Than Our Struggles

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Six singing sisters from California, collectively called Cimorelli, inspire girls and women from all walks of life with their uplifting messages of hope, strength and grace. One of the group’s most popular songs is “You’re Worth It.” The song talks about overcoming the insecurities women feel in their lives, and encourages them that they’re perfect as they are.

Touching Lyrics

The song starts as the girls discuss what they perceive defines them — looks, weight and emotions. The questions go through facets that every woman or girl asks at one time in their lives. Cimorelli then crescendos, “You’re more than labels, more than pain.” In fact, everyone is perfect just the way they are despite the “scars that hold you back,” as the song states. The repeating refrain is “baby you’re perfect, you deserve it.”

Then the group asks, “When will you realize you’re worth it?” All it takes is a shift in perception to break down the walls of people’s negativity, so that you understand you can overcome anything and you’re stronger than you realize.

Smashing Success

Cimorelli gained fame on YouTube before going on tour and signing with a record label. The video for “You’re Worth It” has had more than 5 million views since its debut in November 2014. The song premiered on the celebrity website Just Jared Jr. because of the band’s hugely popular sound. The sisters rose to fame because of their positive message to girls and women everywhere.

Cimorelli’s lyrics delve into personal struggles as the sisters grow up, deal with body image and talk about depression. In the end, much like these beautiful voices, you’re perfect, worth it and deserving of everything you’ve ever dreamed.”You’re Worth It” starts as a gentle anthem from the Cimorelli sisters and then roars into a ballad about taking back your soul, because no one — and no disease — can take that from you.

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