8 Simple Things To Know About Clean Eating

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With all of the diet trends in today’s society, it’s understandable to get a little confused. Being bombarded by multiple options can be a bit overwhelming. The “Clean Eating” diet has been gaining quite a lot of momentum, but what exactly does it entail?

Here’s some info on this dieting craze to help clear things up.

8. Think Green

Increasing your veggie intake is a great way to keep clean. Not only are raw vegetables unprocessed, but they’re full of incredible vitamins to keep you healthy. Be sure to look for organic vegetables for the best options, and clean them off before you eat them up.

7. Whole Foods

CNN says the key to clean eating is to cut out any and all processed foods. Instead of carrot cake, eat carrots and pecans. Eating whole foods means you’re not eating anything unnecessary that’s been added in, but you’re still getting the healthy nutrients.

6. Avoid Alcohol

Not only should you clean up what you eat, but what you drink too. While you don’t have to completely dry up, limit your alcohol intake to one drink a day. Drinking beverages with a lot of sugar or artificial flavoring is discouraged, but something simple like a glass of wine a day is acceptable.

5. Lose Artificial Additives

Artificial coloring, sweeteners and flavors are all things that you should cut out of your diet for clean eating. All of these additives contain unnatural chemicals and are even suspected of causing or worsening certain health problems. According to WebMD, certain artificial food coloring might make asthma worse.

4. Read the Ingredients

Avoid anything that’s pre-packaged unless it is completely necessary. When you do go for boxed or bagged food items, just be sure you check the ingredient list first. If you see natural ingredients like rice, sesame seeds, water or salt, then it fits the clean eating bill. However, if the ingredients read like a chemistry textbook with items like pyrophosphate or monocalcium phosphate, avoid that item.

3. Home Cooked Meals

One sure way to follow the clean living diet is to make everything from scratch at home. Learning new recipes to replace sauces, snacks, or whole meals is not only beneficial in a healthy way, but can be fun as well. This is also the best way to make sure you know exactly what you’re eating.

2. Antibiotic-Free Meats

According to PBS, using antibiotics intended to heal human infections on food animals may be a health risk for humans. Eventually, those microbes develop a resistance to the drugs, and if they are passed on to humans during consumption, it could be much harder for someone to recover from a food borne illness. To clean eaters, antibiotic treatment in animals is just another unnecessary process.

1. Know your Body

When you are eating healthy, your body will tell you. Look for the signs in your skin and hair. Does your skin look brighter and softer? Is your hair stronger and more full? These are good cues to look for when trying to eat clean. If you feel and look healthier, it’s a good sign that the diet is working for you. Always pay close attention to your body and how it’s reacting to changes.

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