10-Year-Old Honors Mom’s Fight With Breast Cancer In A Spectacular Way

Patients with cancer often worry about the consequences their illness might have on their families and children, and rightly so. But loved ones can also be the source of invaluable support — no matter how young.

Corinne’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when Corinne was only four years old. Now, years after her mother’s battle, ten-year-old Corinne has made a beautiful video tribute to her. Her mother won her battle against cancer and is still alive today, and serves as a tremendous inspiration to Corinne.

In this video, Corinne covers the hit song “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, as a way to honor all patients, doctors, and scientists fighting against this disease.

Details about her mother’s battle with breast cancer are interspersed throughout this touching video, along with pictures of her family.

Listen to this talented young girl sing her heart out, and then let us know in the comments what your fight song is.

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