This Single Dad and His Little Girl Take Adorable Photos Together

Michael Worthington, 29, of Dallas, isn’t shy about the love she shares with his 4-year-old daughter, Asia. This single dad wants to be a role model for his baby girl, and he shares the love on his Instagram account. Worthington sends a simple message to dads: be there for your kids, no matter what, even if things with mom didn’t work out. Worthington and Asia’s mom separated when the toddler was 2, but that hasn’t stopped the joy of fatherhood. Check out these adorable photos on the icemikeloveasia Instagram account with nearly 700,000 followers.


Mike loves fixing up Asia’s hair. Sometimes, Asia tries on several bows and headbands to find the perfect fit and look.


Since Babyhood

The pair has been inseparable, even on Instagram. Mike has shared a ton of photos with the world since Asia was born.


Manicures and Pedicures

Not even a week goes by when Asia gets dolled up by daddy thanks to fatherly pedicures!


Matching Set

These two make the cutest pair, and sometimes they even have matching styles when the go out.


Vacation Time

Asia and Mike even share their vacation photos with the rest of the world.


Active Father

Mike says all he does is what he’s been doing all along – he’s simply being an active father. To Asia, he’s a hero.


Always His Baby Girl

No matter how much Asia grows up, she is always Mike’s baby girl.


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