Daddy Caught On Candid Camera Doing The Most Adorable Thing Ever

A mom who set up a video camera so that her kids’ grandma could see them captured something completely unexpected — their dad dancing to Katy Perry!

At this impromptu dance party, the dad regaled his little daughter and infant son by performing a spontaneous dance routine to the song “E.T.” And we were absolutely blown away by his crazy dance moves. His daughter can’t stop laughing!

It might not be the most “macho” thing to dance around with your kids, but being a dad is not about being “macho,” luckily for this guy. It’s about being the best influence and teacher to their children. And this loving man definitely is what a dad should be.

Dad’s very original routine starts with a robot dance and ends with a cheerleader routine complete with pom-poms — and has the kids thoroughly entertained while mom is away. You’re not going to want to miss this!

If you are looking for a few dance tips I would take notes from this dad. Take a look!

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