Dance Through The Hard Times With This Young Cancer Warrior

When the going gets tough, what do you do? Do you journal about it? Turn to a friend for a talk (and maybe a healthy cry on their shoulder)? Go for a walk through your neighborhood and process things?

Well, six-year-old Braylon knows all about hardships, and he’s choosing to dance. Diagnosed with a malignant tumor on his optical nerve, Braylon is undergoing chemotherapy treatment for saving his vision. Although Braylon is fighting a tough fight, he does not allow the cancer to dampen his spirit, or that of his parents. He records weekly dance videos and posts them on Facebook. His mom, dad, and the staff of the chemotherapy center join him and they “dance like no one is watching.”

Braylon is not the only brave soul who uses dance in the battle against cancer. Watch a similarly uplifting story about a young cancer survivor’s hip hospital send-off.

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