These Two Young Girls Saying Goodbye to Their Mom Will Break Your Heart

Trisha Creekmore was in the last stages of her battle with cancer in 2012 when her daughters, Emma and Lily, presented poems to her. Both poems involved loving someone after death.

This video shows them reciting those poems as Trisha watches on in her wheelchair. The effect of her medication and exhaustion are apparent immediately.


Emma, the oldest daughter, goes first, reading a poem called “To A Descendant” by Lorna Wood.

She gets only one line in before Trisha interrupts and asks Emma if there is “an elephant out there,” gesturing across the room. The girls peer across the room and giggle uncertainly as Dad (manning the camera) assures Trisha that there are no elephants, “not metaphorical or literal.”


Emma continues on.

After she finishes reading, Emma grins shyly, and then reaches down to hug her mom. Her mom says, “Oh my god, you’re the best baby ever.”


Next, it’s Lily’s turn. She reads “Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep” by Mary Elizabeth Frye.

After she finishes, they hug, and Trisha says, “Remember baby — remember that you are the best, most beautiful daughter I could ever imagine.”

The family spends the next several minutes hugging and crying, and whispering words of love to each other.

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The poems became these young girls’ final goodbye to their mom. On October 18, 2012, Trisha passed away, just two days after the video was recorded.

It’s a heartbreaking reminder of the profound effect cancer has on the entire family — but also shows us that love will live on long after death.

Thank you for sharing your story, Creekmores.

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