A Video That Could Save Lives. From Deadpool.

Deadpool, the Marvel comics antihero, is known for his verbosity and his twisted sense of humor, as well as for being a cancer survivor. And while he usually has more action-y ways of saving the world, this message is just as important to the lives of millions of people. Why save people from danger when you can prevent the danger from the beginning, right?

In this video, the “Merc with a Mouth” puts his big mouth to good use as he delivers an important message to woman viewers: “Save your life, with boobs.”

The video teaches women how to conduct a breast self-examination to detect any early signs of breast cancer. While most of us know that we’re supposed to be conducting regular self-checks, some of us may not remember the correct way to do it, while others simply need a friendly reminder that it’s about time they did that again.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, and one out of eight women is likely to be diagnosed with it. To protect yourself, learn more about the signs of breast cancer here.

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