Type of Breast Cancer With the Worst Survival Rate Is the Focus of New Study

Good news for some cancer patients! A new study may provide hope to patients with triple-negative breast cancer, the type of breast cancer with the worst survival rate and highest recurrence rate.

While this study has yet to prove anything solid, the results are promising, and we can’t wait to see what else researchers find out about triple-negative breast cancer in the future. We’re hopeful that this research will lead to better treatment and more survivors in the future.

In this video, Dr. Kristi Funk, who treated actress Angelina Jolie as well as countless other patients, explains to Robin Roberts details about the study and her hopes for the future of treatment.

The new study aims to make it easier to recognize cancer recurrence in the patient’s body. Certain groups are at a higher risk for recurrence, and Dr. Funk breaks down why this is — but also emphasizes that patients who survive for five years after diagnosis without an occurrence are much more likely to remain cancer-free.

Take a look at the video to learn more!

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