Turn Your Smartphone Into A Cancer Research Powerhouse With This App

If you could hook up your smartphone to a network that processes information in similar fashion to a supercomputer, would you? If doing so could help cancer researchers, are you on board now? VodaFone Australia wants users to download an Android smartphone app that could change the way people find potential cures for all types of cancer.

How DreamLab Works


One phone by itself has limited processing power for analyzing data. However, DreamLab combines many smartphones that processes data more quickly. The program works by using your smartphone while it idles and has a full charge, according to TechTimes. The download itself is free, but data and roaming charges may apply. The more people who download the app, the faster cancer researchers get answers that may help them find cures for breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and more.

Each smartphone processes a small bit of data from a larger project. If just 1,000 people sign up for DreamLab, research gets done 30 times faster. Up that to 100,000 people, and this computer network processes information 3,000 times faster, notes Wired. With 5 million users, data crunches 150,000 times what researchers have access to in a normal lab. This project turns smartphones into a way ordinary people can help solve extraordinary problems.

How You Can Help

Turn your smartphone into a cancer research powerhouse, quite literally while you sleep. Download the free app, pick the cause you want to support and then indicate how much data you want to put towards the research. A timer shows just how long your phone works on the project. Just like that, you and your phone are now a piece of the cancer research puzzle.

This is a three-year project with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, so you have plenty of time to download the app and do some good. The sooner people get in on this project, the faster researchers get their data. If this is successful, more agencies may try this in the future. Gadgets 360 says the Garvan Institute believes this is a game-changing innovation that could produce cancer cures within current lifetimes.

Everyone loves to be part of a team, and your smartphone could be part of a team that brings humanity one step closer to curing cancer. Looking for more ways to help? Support breast cancer research by donating here.

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