Together, We Made It: The Last Day Of Chemo For 8 Survivors

The last day of chemotherapy is definitely a reason to celebrate, especially after so many weeks and months of worry, pain, stress and not knowing the future. Take a look at eight women who are celebrating their last day of chemo with enthusiasm! All photos were submitted to our Facebook page. Feel free to share your last day of chemo pictures with us, too!

Three-Time Survivor

This three-time survivor is one tough bird!

Balloon Release

Erin celebrated her last day of chemo with a balloon release with close family and friends.

Fun Gathering

Cassie held a fun gathering at the clinic where she received treatment. She couldn't have done it without this hard-working team!

Christmas Cheer

This cute photo puts everyone in the Christmas spirit thanks to Tamara's last day of chemo and her Superman-themed sweatshirt.

The Sign Says It All

The sassy message on the sign says it all! Way to go, Leah!

Praise for Mom

Gabriella honors her mom after 16 rounds of chemo and a message of hope from the Bible.

22 Weeks Strong!

Linda underwent 22 weeks of chemotherapy and then surgery after that. She is the pinnacle of tough!

Cute Banner

This family created a cute banner for the front yard on this final day of chemo. The Wisconsin Badgers marching band surprised this woman on her last day of chemo.

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