Satisfy Your Between-Meals Hunger With These 8 Healthy Snacks!

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Whether it’s to avoid a late afternoon crash or just to make it through until lunch, everyone needs a little energy boost from time to time. Sure, you could grab something sugary, but the energy won’t last. Opt for a boost that will fuel you without letting you down! When those between-meals hunger pangs strike, there’s no better way to charge up than with a healthy snack! And even better, most of these energizers are portable so you can refuel almost anywhere.

Healthy snacks sometimes take a bit more planning and a bit more prep, and that can be tough in a busy world. But your health is worth it! Try some of these tasty ideas:

1. Popcorn

If it’s not slathered in butter and salt like at the theater, popcorn provides a lightweight and low calorie way to combat your hunger. For a little flavor without adding too many calories, add a touch of olive or coconut oil to air-popped kernels. It’s satisfyingly crunchy, portable, and whole-grain!

2. Nuts and Seeds

Hearty and high in protein, nuts and seeds pack a lot of nutrients into small packages. Almonds and green pumpkin seeds are among the healthiest. And if you’re looking for healthy fats, nuts and seeds are the snack for you!

3. Hard-boiled Eggs

Prepare this protein-packed snack in advance by boiling eggs enough for several days all at once. Each egg even comes in its own disposable, biodegradable carrying case.


4. Berries

High in fiber and flavor, berries can satisfy your sweet tooth while providing energy. For an extra hearty treat, combine the berries with nuts or yogurt.


5. Grapefruit

High in vitamin-C, this large citrus fruit also helps hydrate your body and works great for tiding your stomach over between meals. It’s not something you can eat a desk (at least not without stickiness), but sitting down to a snack will help you slow down and enjoy your food.


6. Fruit With Nut Butter

Many people are familiar with peanut butter spread on celery as a quick snack, especially when lined with ant-like raisins. Nut butters also pair well with fruits such as apples, pears and bananas for an easy to assemble energy boost. Try spreading nut butter directly on a banana—delicious!


7. Yogurt

Easy to transport in serving-size cups, yogurt provides a burst of protein, calcium and sugar. Just be sure to check the label to make sure you get a brand that doesn’t add a ton of extra sugar. For a heartier snack, add some nuts, berries or granola.


8. Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie bowls come in many forms, often combining a variety of ingredients from this list, such as berries, seeds, nuts and yogurt. Mix and match your favorite flavors for a different bowl of deliciousness every time you need a boost.


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