How Farmers Are Harvesting Awareness For Breast Cancer

If the countryside looks a little pinker this summer and fall, a movement that started in New Zealand in 2014 may be the reason. A few companies in Great Britain have pink wraps available for hay baling. Why? It’s simple: to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Beginnings and Expansion

This breast cancer awareness movement started with Trioplast, a bale wrap company that made the pink-colored plastic wrap at the request of a distributor. Agpac also created pink wraps in August 2014, notes NZ Farmer. The movement caught on in Great Britain, and Volac followed suit in 2015. A portion of the sales from Volac’s limited-edition wrap goes directly to breast cancer charities in Britain.



Women in Farming

Volac’s reason for making the wrap centers on honoring the female farmers who help make Britain’s agriculture possible, according to FG Insight. Typically, men dominate farming in Great Britain, with 83 percent of farmers — roughly 137,000 — working in the industry. As many as 29,000 women — 17 percent — work in British fields for a living.

However, statistics from 2012 to 2015 show a growing trend towards more women entering agriculture in the United Kingdom. Women entering this industry have [increased 26 percent] in during that span. The pink wrap helps recognize the contribution of women in agriculture while donating money to the cause.



Visual Appeal

Sales of Volac pink wrap in 2015 support Breakthrough Breast Cancer + Breast Cancer Campaign charities with donations for every roll sold. One roll of the wrap secures approximately 38 bales. The idea is to “wrap the UK in pink” instead of using standard, black wraps. The pink stands out among green fields and makes people take notice.

Breast cancer awareness does not just happen in October, thanks in part to farmers who are helping grow support for the cause in addition to growing their crops. While the idea has not quite caught on in the United States yet, it’s hopefully just a matter of time before the idea sprouts up here in our country too.

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