Women Open Up About the Impact of Breast Cancer on Their Finances

Breast cancer wreaks tremendous havoc on the body and the mind, and its financial effects can be just as devastating. Diagnostic tests and treatment are expensive, and for anyone with less than 100-percent coverage, the residual cost can be daunting. Add in the loss of income from working fewer hours, and it is a double whammy.

There is a healthcare gap. There are many low-income women in the United States who have insurance that does not cover the full cost of a mammogram. Low income women in at least 20 states who cannot afford the cost of a mammogram are put on long waiting lists for free screenings – or are just turned away. But mammograms are one of our best chances to catch breast cancer early, while it’s treatable. You can help save lives.

In this video, several breast cancer survivors talk about the impact of breast cancer on their finances, what they learned from their experiences and what others can do to ensure that their recovery from cancer includes financial recovery as well. Take a look.

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