Find Out Which Fitness ‘Truths’ Don’t Hold Weight

Trying to remain in peak health is hard enough without being misled or ill-informed by fake science and well-meaning nonsense. Get to the bottom of some well-known “truths” about getting fit that are likely to do more harm than good.

You Need a Long, Sweaty Session to Get the Benefit


In fact, studies suggest that as little as 10 minutes of activity can be beneficial, particularly if it is high-intensity. Of course, to burn fat, you need quite a few of these mini sessions each week. However, a longer slog is no more helpful, and can put many people off exercising entirely.

You Must Work Out Every Day to See Results

photo_0152292015ngiztdIn reality, the body needs rest just as much as it needs exercise, and the number of rest days you need changes over time. Even dedicated professional athletes with tempered muscles give themselves a day each week to recover. For beginners, working out every other day is a better plan than pushing for the burn and damaging new muscles before they have a chance to grow strong.

Only Early Morning Workouts Count

photo_0152292019rjbulaWhile there is some evidence to suggest that fasting exercise can have a stronger effect on your metabolism, exercise is beneficial at any time of day. Moreover, if you exercise outdoors, you’ll get at least as much metabolic benefit from a couple of hours of sunshine as from any fasting burn — and this is more likely to happen if your exercise period is later in the day. Choose a time that suits you and fits with your schedule so that you don’t skip a session.

Lifting Weights Will Make You Bulky


While lifting a decent amount of weight properly will grow muscle mass and build definition, there is just not enough testosterone in most women’s bodies to create bulky biceps and throbbing triceps. The light repetitions that many women choose to do instead of lifting heavier weights can also build muscle, but increased low-weight reps are less effective at calorie burning.

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