I Deserve To Feel Beautiful Again

Giuliana Rancic, best known as the host of E! News, is more than just a pretty face. This wife, mother, celebrity interviewer and TV personality is also a cancer survivor. Having endured the trauma of breast cancer, she is now determined to help other women going through the same devastating experience.


A Devastating Diagnosis, a FABulous Idea

According to Redbook, Giuliana was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in 2010, when during a course of in vitro fertilization, her doctor recommended that she get a mammogram. She underwent surgery and is now cancer-free.

The Pink Agenda explains how Giuliana was inspired to start the FAB-U-WISH initiative after her return to work. By wearing beautiful clothes and by getting her hair and make-up done for a stint in front of the camera, she started to feel more like a beautiful, pampered princess and less like a cancer patient. This was a therapeutic experience for her and it played a large part in her recovery. This realization—that when women look good, they can feel good—prompted her to set up FAB-U-WISH.


FAB-U-WISH and Giuliana partner with women undergoing breast cancer treatment, and help them to look and feel fabulous while they cope with their devastating diagnoses. According to The Huffington Post, the charity gives these women a Hollywood celebrity-style experience. They are treated to fancy dinners, shopping and makeovers—everything that can help them rediscover their previous beautiful selves.

You Can Feel FABulous too: Here's How

The Pink Agenda site provides information about how to apply to FAB-U-WISH and have a dream come true. Applications are open to women 40 and under, residing in the United States. They must be undergoing treatment for breast cancer, or they should have undergone treatment in the past 12 months. All they need to do is fill out the form online and include short essays about their cancer story and their wish. Patients can apply for themselves, or someone can nominate a patient and apply on her behalf.

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At the time of her diagnosis, Giuliana was forced to reassess her priorities and decide what was really important for her and her family. She encourages women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to tackle the disease head-on, like she did.

To hear more from Giuliana in her own words, check out this video at The Breast Cancer Site.

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