5 More Ways to Give Back Daily!

Making the world a better place can feel like an impossible task for the average citizen, especially when time is tight and there are bills to pay. But it can be surprisingly easier than you think to make a contribution to your local and wider community while spending little to no actual money. Here are some tips about free ways to give back and make a difference each and every day.

1. Donate Your Time and Energy

Everyone has something to offer, right? Pop over to your local thrift shop to offer your services sorting, tidying or selling goods. Just a few hours a week can make a difference. Volunteer as a tutor teaching IT, math or english as a second language to disadvantaged adults, or as a sports coach working with local youngsters. Act as a mentor to help the unemployed get back into work. Dig and sow at your local community gardens to grow food and flowers.

2. Fundraise

Get together with neighbors and organize a fundraising event such as a fashion show, yard sale, or coffee morning, donating the proceeds to your favorite charity. Join a local or national charity event such as a 10k run or even a marathon and get sponsors from your family, friends and work colleagues.

3. Adopt a Pet

With so many abandoned pets waiting to be adopted, why not rescue an unloved, unwanted dog or cat? Think carefully about the commitment involved and how the animal fits into your and your family’s lifestyle before visiting your local animal shelter or using an online pet finder service and choosing from those adorable pets longing for love.

4. Get Clever With Charity Apps

Download one or more phone apps that give to charity for free each time you perform a simple act such as sharing a photo, walking/running/cycling, or simply tapping your screen.

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5. Random Acts of Kindness

Look for opportunities to make the world a better place in your everyday interactions through random acts of kindness. Let the person behind you at checkout with only a few items go in front of you, and support the elderly person anxiously trying to cross a busy street. Get the whole family baking cookies, cakes or meals to donate to those less fortunate in your neighborhood. When you make giving back part of your and your family’s way of life, you also enjoy the sense of well-being and purpose that comes from making an active and selfless contribution to help those less fortunate. You might also find you make some new friends along the way. For more inspirational tips and a heartwarming example of how one woman is tackling the issue of food waste and hunger in her community, check out this article.

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