You’ve Heard of Flash Mobs, But What About a Giving Mob?

When Jane, a homeless breast cancer survivor and single mother, walked out of a building, she thought she was meeting an interviewer. Instead, she was “mobbed” by almost 100 people who showed up with gifts for her. She was quickly moved to tears by this random act of kindness for her family.

Organized by PraYnksters, this first-of-its-kind “giving mob” was the brainchild of Jeff Agosta, who partnered with pastor Jesse Fadel to bring joy into people’s lives by inspiring others to perform random acts of kindness.

Flash mobs are just a little too average for these awesome people. They wanted to put a fresh spin on the flash mob to make the trend not only more surprising than it was before (as if it wasn’t surprising enough) but also more interactive and helpful to someone in need.

“There’s enough bad in the world,” says Jeff. “Why not do little things for good?”

Take a look at their amazing act of kindness!

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