This Gravity-Defying Cake Has Our Mouths Hanging Open!

Having a tough time making your latest baked goods look as delectable as they taste? Well perhaps you need to have a chat with someone who really knows how to defy the laws of physics when it comes to the way cakes look.

This incredible cake, made by Australian baking company Cupcake Savvy for a local breast cancer awareness fundraiser, seems to totally defy gravity! We can’t even imagine how a cake that looks this out-of-this-world tastes! Our mouths are watering just thinking about the talent that went into this fantastic piece of edible art!

While this video tutorial takes you through all the steps needed to make a cube cake of your own, creating a masterpiece like this doesn’t exactly look like a piece of cake. You won’t catch us trying to replicate it anytime soon.

Consider yourself more of an Easy-Bake Oven enthusiast than a world-class pastry chef? For an easier cake you can make in just five minutes, check out this mug cake recipe!

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