The Healing Chair Brings Comfort and Encouragement

Healing from a mastectomy is difficult physically and emotionally, but women in the St. Louis and Kansas City area are finding additional support from The Healing Chair. This organization delivers reclining lift chairs to women after their surgery and picks it up after they no longer need it. Along with the chair comes a journal with entries from past users as well as a blank place for current users to add their own thoughts.


Women generally remain in the hospital a total of three days with mastectomy surgery, so most of their healing takes place at home. Recovery from the surgery can take several weeks — even longer if it includes reconstruction. Once at home, getting enough rest is one of the keys to healing, but after surgery, a normal bed is not always comfortable. The arms of the recliner provide support for the arms that a bed cannot. The lift chair makes it easier for the user to move from a seated position to a standing one without putting strain on the incision. It also prevents the user from rolling over in her sleep and waking in a painful position.

Women who lose a breast often go through a period of grieving, and the emotional support of others is critical during this time. The journal helps to fill this gap. It allows users of the chair to read the struggles of others so they know they are not alone in their feelings. Many find the journal a place to write their thoughts they may not say aloud. Patients sometimes follow others who have used the chair before them on social media sites for more support.

Exercise is an important part of recovery for many patients after the surgery, helping to reduce stiffness in the arm and keep the muscles flexible. Learn more about post-surgery exercises that patients can do while sitting in a chair here.

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