Make the Most of These 5 Opportunities to Fight Cancer Without Spending a Lot!

We all want to contribute to the fight against breast cancer, but not everyone has money to give to the fight. However, there are lots of ways to give back to cancer patients and research without breaking the bank. Here are five ways you can get involved.

Join a Clinical Trial for Survivors

Doctors and researchers have a great need for breast cancer survivors to join research studies and clinical trials. These may study the longterm health outcomes of various treatments or health regimens or explore quality of life issues. Your healthcare provider can help you find a trial that will work with your needs.

Serve on an Institutional Review Board

Researchers need funds, and advocacy organizations have funds to give. How does an organization know which research projects to fund? Institutional review boards review and work to implement promising areas of research, and volunteers are always needed for this important work.

Plan or Host a Fundraising Event

You may not have a lot of money to give yourself, but planning and hosting a fundraiser can multiply your donation exponentially. Not a party person? You can also create your own fundraising webpage.

Contact a Local Susan G. Komen Affiliate

The Komen Affiliate Network funds local, community-based programs to disseminate breast health education and fund screenings and treatment for medically underserved women. Join in, and get involved in your own community.

Get Involved as an Advocate for Breast Cancer Survivors and Patients

Advocating for breast cancer awareness, research and treatment funding is an important job and one of your rights as a U.S. citizen. Contact your legislators on the local, statewide and national level, and make your voice heard.There are so many ways to help in the fight against breast cancer without hurting your financial health. These five ideas are only a starting point. For example, virtual volunteer opportunities abound. Use your creativity to explore ways to give back to the fight against cancer, and come up with your own ideas. Together, we can make a difference. Check out some more free ways to help.

Provide Mammograms

Support those fighting Breast Cancer at The Breast Cancer Site for free!