No Hair? How About Some Henna Art Instead?

After losing her hair due to chemotherapy treatments, Amy Czerniec turned her hair loss into an opportunity to create a work of art through Henna tattoo. And we think the idea is spectacular!

Amy’s neighbor kindly lent her a Henna kit, and Amy turned to her partner for help to decorate a gorgeous design.

Henna is a paste made from natural ingredients that, when applied to the skin for a few hours, leaves an orange marking for up to 14 days. It is a common semi-permanent body art that people use when they only want the art to last for a little while or if they’re considering getting a more permanent tattoo but can’t commit to it yet. While Henna tattoos are commonly applied to the hands and feet, it is becoming more popular as a form of temporary tattoo done on a person’s back, head, and/or baby bumps.

Throughout the video below, Amy documents her journey of receiving her beautiful Henna design. Take a look at the intricate detail and the alluring final product!

To learn more about the Henna trend, take a look at this article!

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