This Mom’s Video About Fighting Stage IV Breast Cancer Went Viral — And Educated Millions

In 2012, Holley Kitchen was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. She had an aggressive treatment plan, including a double mastectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Despite her doctor’s best efforts, the cancer returned a year later. This time, it had spread to her bones. She was told she had metastatic breast cancer… and she had no idea what that meant.

This inspired Kitchen to educate and empower millions of people around the world. She created a homemade video about what metastatic (stage IV) cancer is like, and stats about the devastating, incurable diagnosis. Within one week, that little video garnered over 46 million views.

The video is set to Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song.” Holly didn’t speak at all during this video; she relied on signs that she held up throughout, the expression on her face changing with each flip of paper.

On January 12, 2016, several months after this video went viral, Holley passed away peacefully, “surrounded by love, as she has been in every moment of her life.” Our hearts go out to her family and loved ones.

Watch this touching video and spread Holley’s message.

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