This Beauty Blogger Asks Her Dad to Do Her Makeup – and the Results Are Hilarious!

Award-winning beauty blogger Huda Kattan is an influential blogger in the beauty and makeup space with hundreds of videos on her YouTube channel. She has a broad range of video tutorials, but we don’t think any of them quite top this one.

For a recent video post, however, Huda left the beauty styling in unconventional hands. She asked her dad to do her makeup.

While this tutorial may not win any awards for symmetry or naturalness, it definitely gets the top prize for most adorable father-daughter moment, and it earns bonus points for creativity as well.

You’ve got to have a special kind of relationship with your father to let him do something like this to your face! I’m pretty sure my dad would have poked my eyes out with that mascara!

The video is sweet, especially because her dad has no idea what he is doing, and the results are predictably disastrous: pink eyelids, a crooked smile and bad contouring. (We’re not sure how many of the thousands of followers of her blog will actually try this tip at home!)

Take a look!

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