5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Smile!

Who doesn’t want the kind of smile that lights up the room? You don’t need expensive procedures to get your teeth pearly white.

Just follow these five tips to get that movie star smile.

1. Eat Dairy


According to Colgate, yogurt and cheese are both great for improving the health of your teeth, as the calcium and protein are good for your enamel.

Yogurt also has probiotics, which help your gums. Just make sure you choose a sugar-free yogurt so you don’t break this next rule.

2. Avoid Sugar

WebMD confirms that sugar leads to tooth decay. Stay away from desserts, candies and other foods with high sugar content.

Sugary drinks are also bad news.

3. An Apple a Day

While fruits contain sugar, the high water content in apples dilutes the sugar content. They also have a large amount of fiber, making them a healthy choice.

Apples are also good for your teeth because eating them produces saliva, giving your mouth a natural cleaning.

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4. Practice Makes Perfect

Cowden Family Dental recommends the occasional facial exercise to strengthen those muscles that you use when you smile. Stretch the corners of your lips into a smile, first with lips together. Repeat, parting the lips this time. Hold each position for 10 seconds.

Finish with one huge 10-second smile, and then go through the positions in reverse.

5. Don’t Forget About Your Veggies

Vegetables are chock full of health benefits, but carrots and celery are especially beneficial for your teeth. Both are similar to apples in that they produce saliva and get food off your teeth, cleaning your mouth in the process.

They have vitamin A, and celery also has vitamin C, both of which are good for gums.

Keeping a few simple things in mind every day can make all the difference for your smile!

For more inspiration on how to improve your smile, check out this college student, who made his own braces.

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