Jack(pot) Maier Uses Lottery Winnings in the Best Possible Way!

Some people who win a lottery jackpot tend to use the earnings for themselves first and put others aside. However, a man from Milwaukee did the exact opposite with a portion of his $350,000 SuperCash funds won in 2006. Jack Maier turned a personal tragedy into hope by renting a large billboard to raise awareness about breast cancer.

“Maier plans to do this until he runs out of money.”

Maier’s wife, Myrna, passed away from the breast cancer in 2010, 11 years after her initial diagnosis. Maier wanted to raise breast cancer awareness in the hopes that other women would not suffer the same fate. The billboard advertisement, near a busy intersection of the city, implores women to get checked after age 40 and shows a simple pink ribbon. The sign also asks women to get a second opinion if they doubt a cancer diagnosis.

Maier’s first billboard, in July 2014, revolved around child abuse and sexual predators. That advertisement stemmed from Maier’s childhood suffering after he endured molestation at the age of 10. The second billboard, talking about breast cancer awareness, appeared in October 2014 and stayed up through the spring. Maier plans to do this until he runs out of money. 

Check out some of the billboards in this video:


The 79-year-old grandfather rented his third billboard in the summer of 2015, at a cost of about $2,200 for one month. Maier told the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal, women are, “too young to die at 35, 40 years old.”

Jack Maier’s jackpot feeds his retirement, but he also recognizes that his earnings can help others. Although he has lived a full life, he feels he still has lessons to teach, and hopes to inspire younger generations of cancer fighters. Charlotte, one of Maier’s granddaughters, drew inspiration from her grandfather, and believes his billboards can help doctors fight cancer and save lives.

Imagine the things that could happen if every lottery winner put a portion of their winnings towards a good cause! How would you help if you hit the jackpot? Share your ideas in the comments.

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