A Doctor Answers The Question “Why Are So Many Young Women Getting Cancer?”

Breast cancer is on the rise among younger women. Between 2000 and 2009, the number of American women aged 25 to 39 diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer rose about 3.6 percent per year.

That’s some scary stuff to think about, especially since many women are not urged to get mammograms until age 40 or beyond.

Unfortunately, progression is generally more aggressive when the disease strikes women at young ages, with mortality rates more than 40 percent higher than in older patients.

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Many women who are at risk for cancer have questions about what they can do to prevent the disease’s development. In this video, Joan Lunden’s oncologist takes the time to help women learn more about the disease.

Carolyn Pollex asked, “Why are so many young woman in their 20’s and 30’s getting breast cancer? Stress, lifestyle, genetics, environment?”

Dr. Ruth Oratz replied with, “I think it is all of the above.”

She went on to talk about genetics and said, “Women who have a genetic predisposition for breast cancer, we are seeing it now at a younger age.” So what is the change?! Dr. Oratz believes it is diet.

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Doctors believe it is not the food that people are currently eating as much as what they ate as children. “Maybe what is in our food is different. Antibiotics and hormones in the poultry, meat and dairy products.” This is something that researchers are starting to look at, if in the increase in hormones is impacting a woman’s body and increasing her risk of breast cancer.


Dr. Oratz ended the interview by suggesting parents think about what they are feeding their young children and encourage them to be active.

These facts should make you feel more comfortable knowing about breast cancer and what can be done to treat and prevent it.

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