After Preparing Herself For A Double Mastectomy, Her Boyfriend Dropped To One Knee…

At 23, an age when most young adults have just begun to experience life, Johnetta Goolsby already has a story to tell. When breastfeeding, she realized she had what she thought was an infection. However, in September of 2015, Johnetta was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer that had spread from her breast to her lymph nodes. Concerned about the future of her 1-year-old daughter, Johnetta chose to undergo a double mastectomy followed by radiation and chemo.

Despite this, Goolsby is not bitter; she is instead grateful for the “blessings” that cancer brought. Her longtime boyfriend Antoine proposed to her right before her mastectomy. And, according to Fox 5, Johnetta is now raising awareness as a volunteer ambassador for the American Red Cross. Blood donations, plasma, and platelets help cancer patients like her survive.

Watch as she shares the story about her fight against cancer in this video.

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