This Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Her Secret for Lifting Her Spirits During Recovery

What helps you fight cancer? Is it keeping your mind and hands busy with a project? The love of your family and friends? How about your competitive side that just won’t let you give up the fight? These are all great ways to stay strong, but we’ve got one more idea for you to consider.

Johnette Jenkins has discovered a pitch-perfect way to recover a sense of harmony in her life. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and again in 2015, Jenkins turned to music as a way to lift her spirits and cope with the disease.

In this video, Jenkins proves just how powerful music can be for those battling against breast cancer. A prominent member of her church choir, Jenkins shares her love of singing and how it helped her in her fight. Perhaps it can help you or someone in your life as well!

Take a look! And when you’re finished, check out our other post here to get a jolt of musical inspiration to keep fighting!

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