Awesome Ways For Kids To Help Dad Get Hitched!

Kids do the darndest things, including helping their dads propose marriage. Their plans can be complex, such as a far-ranging scavenger hunt, or simple, such as posing the big question with sidewalk chalk. Here are ways fathers get engaged with the help of their children. Using chalk and creativity, children can help their dad ask that life-changing question.
Choose her favorite colors, draw a picture of the family, or use street chalk to let the kids spell it out on the sidewalk, driveway, or other chalk-accepting surface. Just make sure no rain is expected before she sees it. Other artistic options, such as a family scrapbook or photo album with the question at the end of the book, can make this big event even more special for her and the kids.

A little league baseball game might be the perfect place to pop the question. The kids can make a “Will You Marry Me?” sign and hold it up between innings, while the happy couple is seated together. If the wife-to-be is not into sports, making the big ask during a family meal may be the main course she’s been waiting for. Letting the kids serve it up with dessert or put the message in icing on a cake are other sweet ways they can help propose.
Photobooths are a great places for marriage proposals. Dad can gather everybody together in the booth, then make the ask while the camera rolls.
It’s a day the bride-to-be and the children will remember, with a bonus of capturing candid pictures. For adventure lovers, a scavenger hunt could be the way to seal the deal. One dad and his two children set up an elaborate plan, ending up with a proposal at a special place with tulips, champagne, and soft drinks for the kids. However a dad decides to propose marriage, if the children participate, it can be one of the most memorable days of their lives too. For more adorable kid-inspired engagement stories check out this onesie proposal.

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