Kids Are Flabbergasted By This Outdated Technology, And It’s Hilarious!

Have you ever tried to show an old piece of technology to a young person? Or, worse yet, have you ever actually been using a piece of outdated technology when a teenager walked up to you to ask what on earth it was?

There’s nothing that makes us feel older than watching a group of adorable kids try to figure out how to use a rotary phone. (We remember when phones had receivers that you had to pick up and put to your ear before dialing a number, am I right?)

Yikes. It’s no fun to accidentally date yourself that way. But you know what is fun? When kids try to use technology that was invented before they were born. These kids’ faces are so funny I’m in tears!

It’s hilarious watching these young people poke around until being told how to use their fingers to spin the phone dial around. You won’t believe how long it takes for them to figure out what we used to think was a pretty simple system!

Take a look!

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