12 Women Share Their Last Day of Chemo Celebrations — I Love #2!

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Everyone loves an underdog and seeing someone overcome the odds in the face of adversity. We simply love to celebrate people standing up to cancer and beating it. The 12 women below are shown celebrating their last session of chemotherapy. Look closely at their smiles. Even though many of them still have a long road ahead, they are thankful for the support of family and friends, and their smiles show no trace of the ravaging effects that chemotherapy took on their bodies. These 12 women serve as tremendous sources of inspiration. Celebrate with them and check out their photos on their last day of chemo.

12. “Now on to surgery and radiation.”

Gina’s statement indicates she has a ways to go, but her smile tells you she’s got this beat. Gina displays a card from her loved ones while celebrating her 24th and final round of chemo. Gina started her four months of chemo two weeks after her diagnosis and shares that it was a long, hard journey, but she’s ready for the next step.

11. “I HAVE Cancer!!!! CANCER will NEVER have ME!!!!!”

Nani Nieves celebrates her last day of chemo by sharing her philosophy with others in the same situation. “So to all who’s been diagnosed with Cancer staying positive is the only attitude! Cancer took my breast, my hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, my nails. But it’s not taking my life! I’m stronger and will fight like a warrior!”

10. “Today is my last radiation treatment!”

Shari Bounty celebrates her last radiation treatment with a caregiver, a shoutout to Cancer Research Centers of America, and a card proclaiming her victory.

9. “Kiss Cancer Goodbye!”

Cecy Gallegos celebrates her last day of treatment flanked by her three daughters and announcing that on June 15, 2016, she has been diagnosed as cancer-free. She also thanks her daughters for fighting with her every step of the way.

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