8 Things You Could Be Doing To Manage Your Treatment Costs

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After a breast cancer diagnosis, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by treatment costs. Even when you have insurance, the initial treatments and follow-up appointments can create a financial strain. Don’t panic — there’s no need to choose a less-than-ideal care plan or consider skipping treatments altogether. With the right strategies and resources, you can do your part to manage costs and get the best care possible.

8. Talk to Your Doctor

As soon as you can after receiving your diagnosis, sit down with your doctor to talk about treatments and costs. It may be helpful to bring the hospital’s billing specialist into the conversation. Make a list of every treatment, procedure, exam, and medication, as well as its associated price. Then, find out if you can negotiate co-pays or set up a payment plan. Ask if the health care facility offers in-house funding to help cover costs.

7. Do Your Research

Using the information from your doctor as a starting point, research everything you can about each aspect of treatment to find ways to save. Compare prices among local clinics for outpatient treatments to find the best deal. When it comes to visiting the hospital for care, avoid any unnecessary overnight stays by opting for more affordable home care.

6. Seek Financial Assistance

Outside funding sources can help you pay for the costs of cancer treatment. Start with your hospital or doctor, who may be able to provide references to organizations that are available and fit your needs. See if there is any income-based financial assistance available. Alternatively, look to groups such as The Pink Fund, which helps cover short-term cost-of-living expenses for patients who are in active treatment.

5. Save Money on Medications

Breast cancer treatment often comes with a variety of prescription drugs. Ask your doctor if it’s possible to skip brand-name drugs and opt instead for less-expensive generic versions; this may be particularly useful for painkillers. Your doctor may also be able to provide medicine samples, which can cut costs while you’re finding the right medication combination. Before purchasing your prescription, call around your local pharmacies and see how much they charge for your medications. Different pharmacies may have different prices; shop for the lowest one.

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