10 Ways to Maintain a Strong Marriage During Breast Cancer

7. Prioritize Time Together

When you’re dealing with cancer, it can seem like every moment is taken up with doctors, insurance agents, and caring family members. Amid the constant flux of activity, it’s easy to lose sight of each other. Maintain a strong bond by making a point to spend quality time alone together. If you’re tired, stay in and watch a movie together, or enjoy a conversation over dinner. When possible, do an activity you both love; this might even help you feel like your old selves.

6. Find Alternative Forms of Intimacy

Breast cancer treatments can make intimate acts like sex uncomfortable or painful, so it’s important for couples to find other ways to be intimate. Hold hands, practice affectionate hugs and touches, and rediscover the joy of kissing. Make a point to do intimate things together, such as having quiet conversations in bed before you fall asleep, or reading aloud to each other.

5. Stay Positive

A breast cancer diagnosis is scary for both of you, so it’s important for you both to stay positive. There’s no need to put blinders on, but trying to find the silver lining when possible can go a long way toward boosting both of your spirits. Don’t be afraid to find the humor in your treatments, even if it feels macabre. Laughing together is a great way to alleviate stress and build a stronger bond.

4. Find Support For Your Spouse

Breast cancer patients often benefit from the support of other fighters and survivors. Your spouse also needs support to deal with the fear, isolation, and emotional burden that comes with a loved one dealing with breast cancer. Encourage your partner to participate in support groups for cancer spouses. There, they can vent about their frustrations, discuss uncomfortable topics, express anger, and talk through their fears that may be too great to bring up with family and friends.

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