Tuxedo Tees And Ring Pops For Little Bride With Leukemia

It’s never too late to find your other half, they say, but 4-year-old Abby proves it’s never too soon either. But hey, when you find the one, sometimes you just know.

While battling a form of leukemia that mostly affects children at the Melodies Center for Childhood Cancers in Albany, she realized that her favorite nurse, Matt, was the only guy in the world for her.

When the question was popped by Abby’s mother, Matt was sporting enough to say “yes.”

The very next day, a “wedding” ceremony was arranged at the Albany Medical center, with decorations and flowers and a wedding car reading, “Just Married”. The “bride” wore a wedding dress and walked down an “aisle” scattered with rose petals. The “groom” looked handsome in his tuxedo T-shirt, and other nurses acted as the “bridesmaids.” And of course, everyone had cake afterwards.

Have you had a favorite nurse or caretaker like this little girl? Tell us about it!


AWW, THAT HUG!! 4-year-old cancer patient "marries" her favorite nurse <3

Posted by HLN on Monday, July 20, 2015

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