Life After Cancer Is The Best Life, Says Survivor

As a healthy and sports-loving 6-year-old, Max looked the picture of health to his parents and other casual observers. However, this illusion was shattered when a tumor was detected in his brain. After trying surgery, intense chemo and radiation treatment, Max was eventually saved by a new investigative treatment financed by private funds. The treatment preserved Max's life but it took a physical toll on his body, and it has taken him years to regain his strength.

Eleven year into remission, Max is now a college freshman who rows for his university. His parents, grateful for the private help they received for Max's treatment, decided to pay it forward. In 2005, they formed the Pediatric Brain Tumor Guild. The guild has already raised around $3 million for pediatric cancer research, while Max himself supports kids who are experiencing the pain and fear of a cancer diagnosis.

Learn more about Max and his efforts in this video!

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