When Baby Gets Fussy In Class, Professor Does THIS

Going above and beyond the call of duty is all in a day’s work for most teachers, but Professor Darryn Willoughby of Baylor University in Texas took it to a new level to help out a struggling mom in his class. When Katy Humphrey had to bring her baby daughter to class because of a last-minute cancellation from her babysitter, Professor Willoughby knew just what to do to keep the wee one happy and content for the entire one-hour lecture. Katy Humphrey works full time, goes to school full time, and most importantly, is a full-time mom to 4-month-old baby Millie. After calling the professor to make sure it was okay to bring her daughter along, Katy, a retired marine and exercise physiology student, crossed her fingers that Millie would be quiet long enough for her to hear the day’s lecture, but that didn’t happen.


Millie began to get fussy from her seat in the front row with mom Katy. Never to fear, Professor Willoughby was quick to scoop up Millie, taking her with him to the front of the room and holding her in his arms through the entire presentation, noting to the class that getting to hold a baby is the greatest joy in life.

Millie must have enjoyed the extra attention; she remained quiet and happy for the remainder of her time in class. The good-hearted professor extended an invitation for Millie to return whenever she liked, and Katy’s fellow classmates readily agreed.


Willoughby, a professional bodybuilder and an associate professor of health, human performance and recreation, is no stranger to children, having two daughters of his own. He says that his actions that day were all about making his student Katy feel comfortable and relaxed in his class. Educators like Professor Willoughby are a shining example of how far some teachers go to help their students become successful, even if the job they do is often a thankless one. Do you have a story about an amazing teacher? Please share!

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