Watch One Young Woman’s Breast Cancer Journey Unfold In Under Two Minutes

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Thirty-one-year-old Nancy Valentino shows us that even though the journey is rough, you can beat cancer!

In under two minutes, this incredible woman takes you through her entire six-month cancer journey. She begins with news of her diagnosis, then moves on to her bi-lateral mastectomy, chemo treatments (six rounds total!), shaving her head, and the emotional ups and downs she wrestled throughout.

Valentino’s video only includes the first six months of her journey — with reconstructive breast surgery and Herceptin infusions still to come, this video is only a part of her story.

Per her YouTube page: “It’s so easy to condense these clips and take six months of fear, sadness and uncertainty and come out victorious at the end–while it went by quick, in other ways it didn’t. I’m just now beginning my journey of healing and starting a fabulous new chapter and I don’t take one minute of life for granted.”

Watch her inspiring video below, and know that you’re not alone in this journey!

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