Pure Friendship: Adorable Photo of Napping Children Holding Hands Goes Viral

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Sometimes all it takes is something as simple as the innocent nature of children to send an important message to everyone. When Olivia Ellis was walking around her senior kindergarten class during nap time, she noticed something that left her so touched, she took a picture to share with the school’s Facebook followers. Little did she know how far this one heartwarming picture would spread.

Lucy Harris Jackson and Samiyah Moore both attend Presbyterian Day School in Clarksdale, Mississippi. They’re both 6 years old and met in Ellis’ senior kindergarten class, where they got along so well that they became best friends from day one.

According to Today, Ellis decided to take a picture of Jackson and Moore while she was waking kids up from nap time. She had turned the light on, and she saw that the two girls, one black and one white, were holding hands while asleep and facing each other.


The school decided to post the photo on its Facebook page for its 715 followers, captioning it with Bible verse 1 John 4:7, which reads: “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.” The school may have thought that this was just something its followers would enjoy, but it quickly got a big surprise.

In less than a month, that photo had gotten over 6,500 likes, several hundred comments and had been shared over 4,400 times. Commenters specifically mentioned how the photo is a positive influence for everyone, and that it shows how sometimes adults outgrow the innocence they have as children.

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