This Strong Woman Won’t Let Cancer Treatment Stop Her From Dancing

Natalie Moser is in treatment for invasive ductal carcinoma, which is a form of breast cancer. Being a former professional dancer and a yoga practitioner, Natalie has chosen a unique way to tell the world about the journey she is undergoing as she moves through cancer treatment.

Her act, a unique blend of contemporary dance and yoga, lends expression to the myriad emotions, such as hope, joy and grief, that a cancer patient undergoes.

Yoga cultivates strength, balance and awareness of oneself and improves health, keeping lifestyle diseases at bay. Learn more about yoga styles here.

Moser’s yoga-dance mix is not only a beautiful way to bring awareness to the battle she’s going through and inspire other women with breast cancer to remain strong; it’s also a wonderful way to get some exercise and stay physically fit so that she has the energy and strength to beat cancer!

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