NICU Nurse Surprised by Visit from All the Healthy Children She Nursed as Sick and Preemie Babies

We all understand that doctors are important and save many lives, but sometimes nurses are overlooked. Nurses can truly make or break an individual’s trip to the hospital. They help patients stay comfortable and safe, get them anything they need, and make sure they’re getting the proper medications and treatments when necessary. They often get to know their long-term patients on a first-name basis and act as friends to them during a difficult time in their lives. Nurses are truly underappreciated!

Photo: YouTube/Kleenex Brand

Nurses work day in and day out, away from their family and friends, to be with patients that are in need. They are always there to give support to family members, and while nurses may not have all the answers, they are there to give patients a little added comfort and support.

Photo: YouTube/Kleenex Brand

The below video is about a special nurse that is being awarded for her amazing service. This nurse gets the surprise of a lifetime from the parents of the NICU babies she has cared for over the years. She was touched when she was presented with a video of all of their children, who are now healthy.

Photo: YouTube/Kleenex Brand

The real surprise came, however, when all the children showed up in person!

Can you imagine meeting all the people you cared for and never knew what happened to after they left the hospital? This is so touching!

Photo: YouTube/Kleenex Brand

Grab the tissues as you watch the nurse’s reaction to seeing “her babies.” And don’t forget to join in thanking all of our favorite nurses out there! Everyone needs to feel appreciated sometimes!

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