“Will You Marry My Daddy?”: Newborn’s Onesie Helps Her Pop Pull Off Adorable Proposal

This Mississippi mom got two gifts in one day: the birth of her daughter and a surprise proposal from her boyfriend of three years, Michael Miles.

After new mom Triston Lowery gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Lynleigh, she probably wasn’t expecting her boyfriend Michael to do something like this! Adorable video footage captures the touching moment when a nurse brings LynLeigh to her mother’s arms. Triston looks down in wonder at her new daughter, and realizes something else: her onesie says, “Will You Marry My Daddy?”

Her reaction is shock and tears of happiness, and then Michael takes the proposal a step further!

Michael told Buzzfeed News that he knew he wanted to include little Lynleigh in the proposal, but that his mom takes credit for the onesie idea. Good job, Mom — Triston said yes!

Take a look at the video to see this adorable new family celebrate each other!

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