Meet The Nose That Can Smell Cancer

When Karin Gibson, a retired science teacher from Portsmouth, England, returned from a vacation, she noticed her dog's behavior had changed. Paddy, a Labrador whom Karin had rescued when it was a puppy, pawed at her chest and smelled her breath. Puzzled, she decided to see a doctor. She realized how lucky she had been when tests revealed a very early-stage invasive carcinoma on her right breast.

Take a look at this video to learn more about how Paddy rescued his owner! (And to learn more about the science of how dogs detect breast cancer check out our blog post here.)

Dog `sniffs out` owner`s breast cancer

Could the smelling power of dogs be a realistic way of detecting cancer? Some research has proved they can aid doctors and patients. It`s a view wholeheartedly shared by one woman from Portsmouth. Karin Gibson, a retired science teacher, says her Labrador spotted her early signs of breast cancer, which prompted her to seek medical help

Posted by BBC South Today on Thursday, September 24, 2015

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