His Brain Surgery Was Supposed to Leave Him Paralyzed — Instead, a Miracle Happened!

When an inoperable tumor was found in Walter Thompson's brain just weeks before his daughter's wedding, he was faced with a difficult choice — let the tumor be and succumb to it or risk being paralyzed trying to get rid of it. While most surgeons refused the high-risk operation, Dr. Mike Sughrue, a neurosurgeon with the Stephenson Cancer Center in Oklahoma City, stepped in.

An expert of a cutting-edge technique called awake brain surgery, Dr Sughrue operates on patients' brains while they are awake and mentally active so that he knows what portions of the brain to avoid. Against overwhelming odds, Walter's operation was a success, although he still requires chemo.

Watch as he walks his beloved daughter Ruth-Ann down the aisle, wearing a cowboy hat and his handlebar mustache, just three days after the operation!

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