Biker Goes Pink: Honoring a Wife Taken Too Soon

Jody Jendon of Michigan promised his beloved wife, Stacy, that he would build a custom motorcycle in her honor, and he fulfilled that promise in the most spectacular way, reports CBS News. Unfortunately, Stacy never lived to see her special bike before passing away from breast cancer in 2012. Jendon rides the bright pink bike decorated with dark pink ribbons to remember his wife and bring awareness to breast cancer.

Via Facebook
Via Facebook

Jody Jendon is passionate about custom bike building and after his wife passed, he spent numerous hours developing and building his vision for a breast cancer awareness bike. Jendon envisioned what he wanted, and he and his team of bike builders set about turning a Harley Davidson Street Glide into the pink and chrome wonder it is today. Three quarters of the bike is colored a rich pink, including the handlebars and instrument panel. Special touches include a 600-watt stereo sound system and LED lights.

Perhaps the most endearing feature of this bike is the photo-realistic face of Stacy encased inside of a pink ribbon. The words “In Loving Memory Of…” appear above her image. Stacy is smiling, and it’s easy to believe that she would be happy with how her bike turned out. As for Jendon, this is his favorite bike out of all the motorcycles he owns. The pink motorcycle certainly draws attention whenever he rides it, and some people are taken aback to see a man riding what some consider to be a female bike. That is until they realize the bike’s connection to breast cancer awareness.

Via Facebook
Via Facebook

Jendon arranges motorcycle riding events via social media and it’s common for 40 to 60 fellow bikers to participate. His pink bike strikes an emotional chord with breast cancer survivors and loved ones. This softer side of the custom motorcycle business is a bit of a change of pace for Jendon, who usually builds muscular bikes in colors that appeal to the custom bike crowd. However, supporting breast cancer awareness is nothing new to Jendon.

He and Stacy participated in walking events devoted to raising awareness. Before Stacy fell ill, she had friends diagnosed with breast cancer. Even so, Jendon is surprised at the enthusiasm his pink ribbon bike generates from the public.

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In addition to riding events, Jendon likes to take the bike to a local bar once a week to give it constant exposure, according to Today. The exquisitely built bike is a conversation piece, being easy to pick out among other motorcycles. It also serves as a means of keeping his wife’s memory alive, and because her image is attached to the bike, everyone can appreciate how much Stacy meant to the Jendon family.

Via Facebook
Via Facebook

Jendon is now a single father raising three boys ages 4 to 17, and each of them enjoys the customized motorcycle as much as their father. His sons support his efforts to help raise awareness about breast cancer. Jendon desires to share bike riding duties with his sons, and to that end, his oldest son is taking steps to earn his motorcycle driving license. His son is looking forward to the day when he can take the pink bike out for a spin.

Jody Jendon spent $60,000 and devoted countless hours of sweat equity into building his dream bike dedicated to his late wife. By creating such a beautiful work of functional art, he is helping the cause of breast cancer awareness more than he ever dared to imagine. Stacy Jendon is no longer here, but her brave battle with breast cancer will never be forgotten.

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