How Tattoos Can Help Breast Cancer Survivors Take Control Of Their Post-Surgery Scars

Every year, survivors all over the world go to tattoo artists requesting to get tattoos over their mastectomy scars. The team at P.Ink Day recognized this phenomenon, and the subsequent emotional healing survivors experienced, and decided to turn it into a yearly event. Pronounced “pea-ink day” (and also referred to as Personal Ink Day), this event occurs all over the globe every October.

The tattooists at these events meet with survivors, and help them come up with a design that allows them the chance to reclaim ownership of their bodies. Through the process of transforming their mastectomy scars into beautiful masterpieces, cancer survivors are able to wear a permanent reminder of their strength while always carrying a everlasting symbol of their journey back to health.

Since 2013, more than 100 survivors in over 20 cities have experienced P.Ink Day. Take a look at videos of previous events here and here.

“ Day… is more than a tattoo. It’s an expression of love. We focus on the survivor’s experience in every moment, start to finish.”

In this video, you’ll be able to hear survivor stories, witness the tattooing in action, and see the highs and lows these survivors experienced during P.Ink Day’s October 2015 event. Take a look!

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