After A Mastectomy, Many Women Flounder About What To Do About Nipples. Here’s One Option.

In 2013, actress Aniela was surprised with a diagnosis of breast cancer resulting from a BRCA1 mutation. But she decided she wasn’t going to let it ruin her life, so she created a YouTube channel to be able to share her experience with others and “find the joy” in the journey.

Like many women who have had mastectomies, she struggled with what to do about nipples. Many go for surgery or tattoos, but after undergoing a double mastectomy and chemotherapy, Aniela decided she had endured enough pain. After a year of going nipple-free, she started to miss having them.

In this video, Aniela has some fun with silicone nipples by Pink Perfect before testing them on her breasts. She originally used a pair of them that she’d borrowed from her doctor for a photo shoot, but then she found that she wanted a pair of her own afterward.

While Aniela likes them, she encourages other women to find what’s right for them. Your preference may be surgery or a tattoo, or you may find you don’t want any nipples at all.

Aniela considers herself a breast cancer “graduate” rather than a survivor. She regularly blogs about her experience, aiming to inspire others.

Take a look at the video to learn more about her adventure with prosthetic nipples, and then head here to learn more about her journey!

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