Happy Baby Moves Like a Dancing Pro!

Need some feel-good inspiration to improve your mood and increase the joy in your day? Check out this adorable baby that has inspiring moves like a dancing pro. Proving that some people are born to dance and make others smile, this 17-month-old future superstar entertainer wiggles her hands, hips and legs, all the while keeping to the beat of the music and maintaining a continuously adorable smile. She makes it looks like such fun that it is contagious.

With only a little bit of encouragement, this baby gets dancing when the music starts. Changing steps and showing off some unique moves along the way, she demonstrates that it does not take experience and formal dance training to wiggle with happiness. According to Harvard Magazine, benefits from dancing to music start with simple movements and help people of all ages feel more alive. This means that no experience is necessary and people of all ages can dance and feel the joy that this baby shows.

Because dancing like this happy baby produces happiness and joy, is not surprising that even a little bit of dancing can improve mood. So, to promote joy and good moods naturally, it doesn’t matter whether it’s dancing like Beyonce or dancing like a happy baby, just move to the music and dance!

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