What Happens To Your Body & Mind When You Stop Dreaming?

Drifting off to dreamland is often the perfect way to end your day, as it allows your imagination to take you to a world full of endless possibilities — a world where the material world is but a distant memory to the vastness of your own mind.

However, as you may have suspected, there may be a deeper importance to dreaming than you might think. Although we don’t know for sure the true purpose of dreams, theories state that dreams allow the mind to filter through the day’s experiences and determine what’s important to keep thinking about.

Other schools of thought believe that dream interpretation is useful for health because it shows what’s troubling your subconscious mind. And still others think the dream world is but one of many states of reality in which consciousness occasionally roams.

But what happens to you when you stop dreaming? The video below will shed some light on the matter.

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