Growing Your Family Through Adoption!

Adoption is a wonderful way to expand a family. There are many options and children of all ages need homes. Some families adopt one child at a time, while others adopt siblings to provide continuity in the family.

Here are three reasons you might consider the possibilities.

Adoption Helps a Child Through an Unfortunate Situation


Children are rarely, if ever, at fault for issues that lead them to needing a new family. Some are born to parents that are too young for the responsibility.

Others are born to parents with legal problems or who do not have the resources to meet their needs. Still others need adoption due to the death of one or both of their parents, or due to abandonment.

Families Grow in Many Ways


There is a common misconception that families only grow through pregnancy and birth. However, many adoptive parents can attest to the fact that families grow in other ways. For women with breast cancer at a young age, it may not be possible to birth your own children due to your treatment.

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If you want a large family, adopting a sibling group is one way to achieve your goal. And it’s a way to keep adopted siblings together.

There are Millions of Children That Need Homes


As of 2016, there are 153 million children around the world who need adoption. In the United States alone, there are 400,000 children without families and 100,000 children ready for adoption.

Each year 23,000 age out of foster care without a permanent family. Without a permanent placement, these children are less likely to reach their full potential or continue their education, even though they express the desire. Opening your home to an adoptive child helps the child through his current situation and provides him with a brighter future.

During the legal adoption hearing, a judge declares the child and adoptive parents are family. Click here to watch a video of a judge that took measures to make one adoption hearing very special for the child.

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